All our hosiery is made in modern and certified production sites in Italy, following strict European law regulations. 


We work solely with high level yarn suppliers, with a certified and controlled production processes. This is important to us, as we also have a social responsibility. Some of our production sites are partly solar power driven and they all  work hard to reduce their environmental footprint in all pats of the production. When dying 80% of the energy used comes from solar power and almost all water used in production is reused. 


To limit transports we source all first class yarns and other components related to the products from companies close to our production sites in Italy. 


We always use premium yarns, often recycled, organic or other sustainable fiber.

Double-covered yarns

This is a premium yarn where the Spandex thread is wrapped in two layers, one clockwise and the other anti clockwise. Double-covered yarn is strong and ensures a smooth and extra soft hand-feel and ours is also very durable and long-lasting.

Recycled yarns

Almost all of our products are knitted with a certain percentage of recycled yarns and all our jacquard products are produced mainly with recycled yarns.

Organic cotton

Our cotton supplier is working with a CSR program called Cotton for Life that aims to promote sustainable fashion by creating a transparent, eco-friendly and socially responsible textile value chain. They only supply organic cotton certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (Gots). This ensures safety and fair working conditions for both cotton manufacturers and textile-chain workers.


Viscose is a regenerated fibre made of purified cellulose. This means our socks started their life as a tree.  The yarn is of high quality and close to the characters of silk but stronger. All socks are durable and keep its color, shape and luster wash after wash, giving them a long life in your wardrobe. We are committed to making sure that our yarns come from certified forests and only Italian suppliers.


Packaging for products

All paper used for packaging comes from controlled forestry and they are all replanted so the impact on the environment for our packaging is almost zero. The flat and low weight design of our packaging optimizes transports and minimize freight volume and carbon emissions. All parts of our packaging is produced close to our production sites in Italy in order to limit transportations and they are all 100% recyclable. 

  • Paper from controlled forest plantations and 100% recyclable 
  • Low weight to optimize transportation
  • Extremely flat and low volume in order to limit carbon emissions during transportations
  • Is not folded with glue 

Distribution bag end consumer
When distributing our products to end consumers we are using a bag made of recycled material and it can be recycled it self and by doing this it is 100% circular.