Our founders grandfather was a creative soul and on his free time he liked to embroider, tablecloths and paintings. He lived in a smal village situated in the northernmost county in Sweden. He was a true inspiration and our founder developed an interest for patterns, cross stitching, crafting and knitting techniques.

Mrs. Hosiery was launched 2020 and is a brand with premium knitted tights and socks that gives women a vehicle for self-expression, comfort and creativity. The brand offers a collection for the contemporary woman with materials of the highest quality and always produced in a sustainable way in Italy.

Mrs. Hosiery’s customer can use her tights and socks to lift her best power suit or add a bit of sparkle to her legs making a style statement that is authentically hers. A brand for influential and conscious woman all over the world. Mrs. Hosiery’s products, while delicate, are made to last.

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